Ralf SchmitzScavenger hunt

  • 21. März 2020, ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Comedy Show

"I have the best job in the world", says Ralf Schmitz.

And, thanks to Ralf, we have the best evening in the world as the comedy star likes nothing more than standing on stage and dissolving our daily stress into laughter.

The energy-infused funny man goes off on tangents, brings an army of crass figures to life in one-person sketches and keeps the laughs and highlights coming with his unique improvisation.

As our modern world is a hectic treasure hunt for good fortune, his new programme is called Schmitzeljagd (a play on words in the German). Like a lean Garfield on speed, this natural entertainer addresses the "adventure of life" and looks for answers to such questions as: "Why is being young so stressful - but still no-one wants to grow old?" or: "How am I supposed to watch every series recommended to me?"
Whether it's the bus I just missed, the sports record that I didn't really come that close to breaking, or the dream woman whose boyfriend gave ME a slap: luck is timeless, but time is money and money does not bring happiness by itself, so the promotion can wait, a stroke of good fortune. Will I go on holiday or to the car wash? Do I need a better car or will I just get weaker glasses?

When contemplating the absurdity of life, Ralf goes off on some unpredictable tangents and delivers some crazy punchlines. Still, it's not about where he takes us with his far-out stories and unexpected highlights: the path is the goal and the goal is an unforgettable evening!

A proper "Schmitzeljagd".

All information and dates shown at www.schmitz.tv
or Ralf Schmitz on Facebook.

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Key facts

21 March 2020

8:00 p.m.

Doors open
7:00 p.m.

Kursaal Arena

Category 1: CHF 81.90
Category 2: CHF 71.80
Category 3: CHF 61.60
Category 4: CHF 51.40




Kongress + Kursaal Bern AG

Kornhausstrasse 3

3000 Bern 22


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