Hör Uf!Kaya Yanar

  • March 23rd 2024, 20:00 h
    March 24rd 2024, 19:00 h
  • Live Comedy Tour 2024

Höf Uf! Kaya Yanar - Live Comedy Tour 2024

Here it is, the long-awaited second part of the highly successful stage programme " Reiz der Schweiz". After Kaya Yanar launched the programme in 2016, the tour was sold out to the last seat. Since then, a lot has happened: marriage, children and even a property. But with that also comes the pitfalls: Permits, objections and the usual cultural tensions.

Will the children grow up bilingual? Will Kaya let himself be granted citizenship? Will he ever manage to satisfy the construction office? And where does he get into trouble with his German-Turkish ways and have to be whistled back by the Swiss woman with " HÖR UF"? Experience Kaya at his best, as a wanderer between worlds with his silver-eyed view of society. Once again he will hold up a mirror to Switzerland in his charmingly mischievous way, laughs guaranteed!

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Key Facts

March 23rd 2024, 20:00 h
March 24rd 2024, 19:00 h

March 23rd: 19:00 h
March 24rd: 18:00 h

Kursaal Arena

Category 1: CHF 87.50
Category 2: CHF 72.30
Category 3: CHF 67.20
Category 4: CHF 56.90

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Kursaal Bern AG

Kornhausstrasse 3

3000 Bern 22