Helge Schneider2023

  • December 11th 2023, 19.30h
  • Comedy Show


HELGE presents himself as a torero for the first time, although he would immediately vamoose at the sight of a bull, as he assured us credibly. But he liked the torero's work clothes so much that once he had tried them on in a specialist shop, he didn't want to take them off again. And that's how the portrait photos came about, one of which became his latest tour poster and also the cover of his latest record, which will be released in time for the start of the tour in February 2023!

With his latest show "DER LETZTE TORERO - BIG L.A. SHOW" HELGE sings, dances, trumpets, plays piano, saxophone, xylophones his way into the hearts of the many people who should come eventually.

HELGE makes people laugh. You have to copy that first!

Almost impossible for a large part of the earth's population here.

"Playing the piano is not only my profession, it is my life." He is the link between Neanderthal man and Homo Sapiens. Whatever that means. He bought his latest trumpet in a specialist shop! "Playing the trumpet is not only my profession, it's my life."

With various other instruments, HELGE creates a hitherto hardly approachable diversity, which has always been very important for him. Just like his saxophone, which he bought in a specialist shop at the time.

"The tenor saxophone is not only my professional instrument, it also means my life." Instruments bought in a specialist shop have been with him all his life. But there are more and more. Most recently, HELGE even learned the kazoo, a gift from Eddi.

"I can't always have a snappy saying on my lips." His unsparing self-confession blows your mind. That's why it's all the more important not to forget him. (His biggest worry!)

"Don't forget me!" this saying is cinematic.

You too can be there when it's: HELGE is in town again! An absolute must in the "brave new world".

HELGE will fill your concert hall again! Adequate musicians accompany the mega-star, who is recognised in the international professional world, on his journey.

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Key Facts

December 11th 2023

19.30 h

18.30 h

Kursaal Arena

Category 1: CHF 92.50
Category 2: CHF 82.40
Category 3: CHF 67.20
Category 4: CHF 56.90

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Kursaal Bern AG

Kornhausstrasse 3

3000 Bern 22

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