Biyon KattilathuLive. Love. Laugh.

  • November 19th 2023, 18.00h
  • Comedy Show

Biyon Kattilathu - Live. Love. Laugh.

How beautiful would a life be that is defined by these three words? That is exactly what is possible. But this happiness is not found somewhere in external things or other people... it can only be discovered within us.

This show is meant to reawaken exactly that feeling in us. It is a reminder of the really important things in life...and it comes at just the right time for everyone.

Biyon takes us on a journey to ourselves with his typical humour and profound manner: You meet your inner child, understand the people around you better, fall in love with yourself and life anew and arrive again after all these times: In the here and now. And then we will live again... full of mindfulness and gratitude. We will love again... full of trust. And we will laugh again... because that is exactly what we deserve.

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Key Facts

November 19th 2023

18.00 h

17.00 h

Kursaal Arena

Category 1: CHF 65.00
Category 2: CHF 60.00
Category 3: CHF 55.00
Category 4: CHF 50.00

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Kursaal Bern AG

Kornhausstrasse 3

3000 Bern 22

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